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We feel strongly that if you're not moving forward and adjusting to the future, you'll soon be history.  Life insurance has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years with a great deal of acceleration over the past decade at the hands of the internet.  Insurance has always been a very staid industry and the bowtie connotations are pretty well earned.  Life insurance was on the more conservative end of that spectrum but even it has not escaped the modern shoppers requirement for ease, speed, and flexibility.  The end result of the collision between the conservative life insurance market and the new internet shopping sensibilities is no exam life insurance.  It's what's we're all about.  Let's look at how we aim to make this product a staple in the marketplace and our role in it. 

FIrst, about us.  We are license life insurance agents with years of experience in the no exam life insurance market.  Yes, we also deal with traditional life insurance across many top carriers but after years of its limitations, we feel that the frustration of the process for both the consumer and us is not needed unless you need very large amounts of life insurance.  We can now look at no exam life insurance amounts up to $350K which is unprecedented.  Our belief that this is the future drives our activities and goals.  We want buying life insurance to resemble purchasing car insurance with solid carriers and substantial amounts of coverage.  That's our goal and every agent is committed to making this a reality.

The cost to you for using our website and services is completely free.  Yes...completely free.  There is no application fee or hidden charge.  We are life insurance agents so we are paid by the carriers but the amount that you will pay is identical for your no exam life insurance policy whether you go through us or directly through the carrier.  We provide the website instant quoting access, enrollment and membership help, and most important...we are constantly scanning the market for additional non med or no exam life insurance options to present you.  This way, you know that you will always get the best deal on the market for this particular type of market.  For example, the leading provider of no exam life insurance recently stopped marketing the product in the U.S.   We were already prepared for this and ready to provide alternative options which actually price out better from a carrier with a strong A rating by Standard and Poors.  This way, we can do the homework for no exam life insurance so that you do not need to. 

We aim to be the strongest advocate for consumers who are interested in securing life insurance with no exam and almost immediate underwriting for sizable life insurance amounts of protection.  We also act as your resource in the future when considering your life insurance needs and evaluating coverage.  The life insurance market is in for a seismic shift in how it does business for the sub-$500K life insurance range as better information makes no exam life the primary way to secure this type of coverage.  We'll be there every step of the way.   About   Contact    Instant no exam life quote   Understand no exam life    Legion on Facebook  2012