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It does not get easier than no exam life insurance for securing life insurance protection for your loved ones but that doesn't mean that all questions disappear.  After all, it's still life insurance which can be a complicated product that most people are not familiar with.  That's where we come in.  As license life insurance agents, we are here to help you with the entire process from determining how much coverage you will need to addressing follow-up after enrollment questions down the road.  Let's walk through some of the key reasons that our clients contact us.

The first step is determining whether no exam life insurance is right for you and how much would be an adequate amount of coverage.  After all, no exam life is just life insurance without all the hassles and delays!  It's still life insurance which requires some thought as to how much and how long being that it's core is term life.  Contact us if you have questions on determining  how much coverage is right for you.  Of course, we'll be providing countless articles on our website to help you navigate every possible question of no exam life from how much, how long, to beneficiaries and the like.  That's the first reason taht many people contact us and definitely not the last.

Another common point of contact deals with the application and underwriting process.  Generally, this was a long drawn out conversation because the application and underwriting process for life insurance was a night mare.  It would take close to an hour just to fill out the application (which also required a degree in hieroglyphics) and months for the actual underwriting process to complete.  This was really the key driver of no exam life insurance or it's other name...instant life insurance.  By either name, it's a huge improvement over traditional life insurance and the questions have dropped off significantly regarding these areas.  You can expect to complete the online application (yes, it's all online for a change) in about 10-15 minutes and we usually get a decision back in minutes.  It's unprecedented and you have to have years of life insurance experience as we have to truly appreciate what a game-changer this is.  The old way of securing life insurance is that bad.  Needless to say, please feel free to contact us with any question regarding the application and enrollment process.  That's what we're here for.  We want to take an easy process and make it effortless.

Finally, please contact regarding your policy issuance and and any changes needed going forward.  This may involve your newly issued no exam life policy or future changes such as amending listed beneficiaries or basic account information.  As your third party representative, let us handle the day to day maintenance.  Use our services for this type of contact especially since we can make sure it get's completed correctly on your behalf.  When dealing with any large company, it's always good to have an advocate on your side.  Always.  Life insurance including non-med coverage is no exception.

These are the standard reasons that our clients contact us but it's definitely not all of them.  Please feel free to contact by phone or email with any no exam life insurance questions you may have.  We can also help you compare the no exam options against traditional life insurance policies (term or whole life) to make sure it's the best option for you.  Unless you enjoy losing time and energy, it just might be.  How can we help you?   About   Contact    Instant no exam life quote   Understand no exam life    Legion on Facebook  2012